Monday, July 2, 2012

Stop Looking to the Bench and Start Looking in the Mirror

Today the Wall Street Journal published it's daily editorial entitled "A Vast New Taxing Power" and the writers jumped through as many hoops as they could to skewer the June 28th ACA opinion.  Since the ruling came down last Thursday it has been spin, spin, spin on the left and the right.  

While it is true that ACA is a very bad law, it is a law nonetheless—a law created by the people's representatives.  That fact notwithstanding, almost the moment it was passed, a large majority of "the people" began to cry foul…and then immediately took their wrath to "the bench."

Over the years, the right has complained that the left "legislates from the bench" and the left threatens the right if they dare "legislate from the bench." It seems to me that way too many people are looking to "the bench."

In other words, are we not forgetting something here? Under the Constitution, it is the legislative branch that has law-making powers.  In a case like this one, if "the people" don't like a law, they can elect new representatives to make a new law. No bench necessary. 

Personally, I think it is time that "the people," on the left and the right, stopped looking to "the bench" for salvation from bad laws and started looking in the mirror.  (Next opportunity: November 6, 2012.)

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